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Plaque for the Grand Opening of Henry Dodd House

Board structure and composition

Election, nomination and selection of the Board

The Board consists of eight independent directors, who are elected by our members. Any director appointed by the Board to fill a casual vacancy during the year must have their appointment confirmed at the next AGM. The Chair is elected by the Board annually after the AGM.

Any nominee for a directorship must satisfy the qualifications and/or experience as required by the Constitution and set by the Board from time to time (consistent with current and future skill requirements of the Board).

Our Board conducts a periodic skills audit to ensure it has the skills, expertise and diversity to discharge their roles and responsibilities to meet our vision, mission and strategic goals. The Board will indicate their support for candidate nominations and director re-elections after a review of their skills, their performance (if applicable), the forecasted skill needs for the Board, and the Board’s current skills mix. The Board has implemented a skills-based model for appointments that aligns to the Strategic Plan 2013-2016 and our future direction.