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Financial assistance schemes

Evolve Housing offers a number of financial assistance schemes to assist our tenants and their household. Financial schemes available now include:

Educational Financial Assistance Programs

The Educational Financial Assistance Program (EFA) and Educational Financial Assistance Tertiary (EFAT) programs help with the cost of educating students in the critical periods of their education. The programs recognises the importance of a decent education and provide financial assistance for up to three years for successful applicants. 


No interest loans for eligible Evolve Housing residents to purchase whitegoods. The loan involves a repayment plan tailored to suit the individual financial circumstances of our tenants (without the penalty of interest payments).  

Physical Activity and Sporting Fund Program (PASFP) Factsheet

The Physical Activity and Sporting fund program is a program aimed at getting kids active and involved, because participation in physical, cultural and sport activities can have significant impacts on the health of individuals and communities.

Tenant Employment Support Scheme (TESS) 

TESS provides short-term financial assistance to our tenants who are starting or returning to the workforce. Under the scheme, our tenants (and their partners) may be entitled to a grace period of up to 12 weeks before their rent subsidy is adjusted to reflect their new income. 

For more information or to apply ask your Housing Manager or call us on 1800 MY EVOLVE (1800 693 865) or email