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Evolve Housing sign on building facade

Evolve Pacific Developments- Western Sydney

Evolve Housing is in a joint venture with Pacific Link Housing from Gosford to develop new generation boarding houses containing 85 studio apartments in total over three (3) regional locations :

  • Woy Woy, NSW
  • Roselands, NSW
  • Canton Beach, NSW

Each development will contain apartments which are self-contained and designed to the Affordable Rental Housing SEPP with on-site parking.

King Georges Road, Roselands

This project is a 2 storey New Generation Boarding House with two building blocks containing 26 studio apartments including two accessible and eight adaptable apartments. 

The development includes:

  • 25 studio apartments for social and affordable residents
  • One studio apartment for the onsite manager
  • Parking for six cars and five motorbikes
  • Communal Spaces
  • Open landscaped areas 

Expected Completion date: Mid 2018

Artists impression of Roselands development.

Floor plan

Artists impression of Roselands development.