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Evolve staff undertake Domestic Violence awareness training

31 October 2017

As part of Evolve Housing's commitment to ending Domestic and Family Violence (DFV), staff members have undertaken training on recognising and responding appropriately to instances of DFV.

This course run by the Centre for Training in Social Housing, will empower our staff with the skills and knowledge needed to recognise and respond to instances of Domestic and Family Violence while they are working with our residents, clients and also to take action in the general community. Unfortunately is not uncommon for workers in this sector to encounter domestic and family violence.

This course will assist our staff to recognise domestic and family violence by understanding what DFV is, and by exploring the effects on the lives of individuals and families. Staff will learn by using case studies to identify the issues, assess what is needed within the scope of their role and respond appropriately to increase safety

This training is just one part of our larger commitment to the White Ribbon Accreditation program and our Domestic and Family Violence awareness campaign which aims to ensure all staff feel confident and equipped to take action around DFV.


The course was run by the Centre for Training in Social Housing.

Staff engaging with DFV training 

Staff asking questions and learning about the reality of DFV in Australia.