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Handbooks and guides

Strategic Plan 2016-2020

Our four-year strategy 'GESS' represents the four strategic objectives under our vision as an organisation. This strategic plan provides a structure to set our priorities, focus our energy and resources, strengthen our operations, and establish agreement around the intended outcomes and results of our business.

Volunteers Handbook

Volunteering at Evolve Housing can be both professionally and personally rewarding. Over 105,000 people are homeless and over 16,000 of these are children. By volunteering with us you will join our Evolve Housing team and make a positive difference in the lives of those who need it most.

Journey Home Booklet

Our Journey Home® series feature the personal stories of six Evolve Housing residents who have been through or are currently on their journey home. They are single mothers, refugees who fled persecution, people who have been homeless. They are stories of determination, courage, perseverance and very often, optimism. They are inspirational and real stories of human triumph.

Community Engagement Activities Handbook

Evolve Housing delivers positive social and economic outcomes that are both sustainable and beneficial to the community. As Evolve Housing grows, the organisation wants to maintain its community focus to keep people in the centre of everything we do.

Disability housing models for the future

Through collaboration with our partners, Evolve Housing has developed ‘supported living network models’ that are about creating more choice and control for people with a disability in where they live and how they are supported.