Friendship Aged Network (FAN) Factsheet

The “Friendship Aged Network” (FAN) was established in April 2006 by the Resident Council (RC), with the aim to support tenants over 50 years of age, who are socially isolated. The three main objectives of FAN are:

  1. To support and care for their social, physical and psychological needs,
  2. To improve their general wellbeing through the provision of recreational activities and educational workshops, and
  3. To create a safe environment to bring them together and build friendship among themselves.
  • Through FAN, tenants are contacted by a tenant volunteer on a weekly basis, in order to find out how they are coping and link them with other community and services if necessary.
  • Go through list provided and use interpreter service where necessary (follow interpreter procedure located in FAN folder).
  • Call each person every week and mark of list provided that contacted was made.
  • If unable to contact tenant for 2 weeks in a row notify Community Development Officer.
  • If tenant discloses information that they require some assistance let the Community Development Officer know who will contact Tenancy Support Worker or Housing Manager to follow up.

Let tenants know of upcoming events and encouraging them to participate.

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