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Keep your rent on track over Christmas

Christmas time can be expensive for many people, with family gathering, extra celebrations and presents being shared. It is important to remember to keep your rent on track so you don’t fall into arrears over Christmas. Statistically it will take a tenant 6-8 weeks to get back on track once they go 14 days into arrears. 

The Evolve Housing office will be closed from Friday 22nd December at 2pm until Monday 8th January at 9am as staff will be taking a well-deserved break over the holiday period. During this time staff won’t be in the office but rent will still be collected. 

If you currently pay your rent via Centrepay (CPAY) it is now more difficult to cancel and re-set it up. If you cancel Centrepay yourself you will have to sign a new consent form and Centrelink deduction form and return it to Evolve Housing. To avoid this process and save yourself the time, make sure you keep your rent up to date. 

If you are struggling to make your rent and other payments please contact your housing manager on 1800 MY EVOLVE.


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