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Plaque for the Grand Opening of Henry Dodd House

Role and function of the Board

Our Board sets the vision, mission, core values and strategic direction of the Company. It oversees the management of the Company, provides the structure through which the objectives of the Company are set, and the means of attaining these objectives and monitoring performance. The Board is accountable to our members, while taking into account the interests of stakeholders, including Federal, State and Local Government and the wider community.

In addition to their strategic function, appointing, managing and supporting the CEO, our Board’s key functions are:

  • Oversight and support - overseeing and evaluating programs, strategies and activities to ensure alignment with strategic goals and monitoring performance against them.
  • Finance - approving annual budgets, reviewing audited financial reports and ensuring the integrity of financial reporting so that we are financially sound and sustainable.
  • Compliance and risk - ensuring effective risk management, including compliance with our Constitution and legislative and regulatory requirements.
  • Fulfilment - ensuring their own effectiveness as a Board in accordance with best practice corporate governance.
  • Thought Leaders - communicating with our stakeholders to increase awareness of housing stress and solutions to achieve our vision, mission and strategic goals.