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Plaque for the Grand Opening of Henry Dodd House

Code of conduct

Evolve Housing is committed to managing its services and assets effectively, fairly, impartially and with integrity.  As a not-for-profit housing provider, we make decisions that affect the lives of others.  We hold an important position in the community that requires transparency, honesty, respect and fairness for all people we engage, support and serve.

This Code of Conduct (“the Code”) policy outlines the minimum standards of conduct and behaviour expected of Evolve Housing employees.  All employees are responsible for upholding the integrity of the organisation and complying with the Code in the course of their duties. Employees should allow the Code to guide their behaviour and decision making and assist them to display the highest reasonable standards of professional and personal conduct while serving the needs of customers and stakeholders.

The Code aims to foster and maintain employee and public trust and confidence in the integrity and professionalism of the company by ensuring employees maintain:

  • appropriate standards of conduct;
  • fairness in decision making;
  • behaviours guided by our core values;
  • uphold and enhance the reputation of Evolve Housing; and
  • adherence to appropriate ethical and legal standards.

The core values guide our actions and determine who and what we aspire to be as a company and as employees of the company. The core values should be expressed through our interaction with colleagues, applicants, tenants, residents, suppliers and all other stakeholders.

Core Values - 'Ihear'

Employees are required to adopt the following core values at all times during their engagement by the company:

  • Inspiration: we instil the motivation and courage to do it better;
  • Honesty and Integrity: we act with sincerity, we do what is right not what is easy;
  • Empathy: we understand what others are going through and we are here to help;
  • Accountability: it’s what we do and do not do, for which we are accountable; and
  • Respect: we show people they are important to us by what we say and do.