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Partnership Opportunities

People living in poverty, who are on low incomes and experiencing other forms of disadvantage, are most affected by Australia’s rapidly growing housing crisis. They are also most at risk of living in insecure housing or falling into homelessness. With over half of all social and community housing tenants not participating in the labour market, more support programs are needed to help break the revolving door of homelessness and housing stress (helping to strengthen our community).

Evolve Housing is an industry leader in the provision of community and resident engagement programs that focus on strengthening people and communities to deliver positive social and economic outcomes that are both sustainable and beneficial to the community.

Through partnerships, Evolve Housing is able to develop programs that help residents gain professional skills and life skills that can help them cross the social and economic divide, 'breaking the cycle of homelessness and worklessness', and engage residents in their community to help promote social inclusion.

Want to help us make a difference?

Partner with us, help us make a positive difference in the community and in the lives of those most vulnerable by developing more support programs. To discuss the possibility of a partnership with Evolve Housing, please contact us at or 1800 MY EVOLVE (1800 693 865)