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Staff holding PwC Transparency Award


We are committed to delivering a high level of performance throughout our business. We share performance information with our Evolve Housing team as we work together to achieve our business objectives and goals. Our  key performance indicators reflect the high priority we place on achieving excellent customer service.

To find out more information please refer to our annual report and financial statements. We publish more detailed information about our performance in the annual report to residents, focusing on the key areas, and showing how our performance has changed between one year and the next.

Our commitment to efficiency and transparency

Evolve Housing's transparency and efficiency covers eight key areas across which we will routinely publish and update information to demonstrate our commitment in action:

  1. Fairness and resident satisfaction – we believe in involving our residents throughout our business, to ensure we act with fairness and accountability.
  2. Sustained tenancies and communities – we deliver positive  social and economic outcomes that are both sustainable and beneficial to the community.
  3. Asset management - as a business with a social purpose, we manage our assets to ensure our sustainability and to position our organisation, so that we can contribute to the growth of community housing.
  4. Sound governance – we are governed by a skilled Board to ensure we are best placed to achieve our vision and mission whilst being accountable and transparent in everything we do.
  5. Standards of probity – we will uphold the principles of openness, fairness, impartiality, confidentiality and honesty.
  6. Efficient and competitive delivery of community housing – we will attain value for money using an open and competitive environment.
  7. Protection of government investment – we set key performance indicators that effectively measure economic and social outcomes achieved through investment.
  8. Development projects - we believe in housing projects and community initiatives that are person-centred, sustainable and provide for long term viability.