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Three of our young residents at an Evolve Housing school holiday event


Livable Housing Compliance for Design and Construction

Evolve Housing designs and builds properties to comply with the Livable Housing guidelines ensuring properties meet Platinum, Gold or Silver level compliance depending on the occupant need and client brief. Many of our ‘supported living housing models’ have been awarded by Livable Housing the highest level of certification, Platinum Certification which confirms that all 16 design elements have been met. The disability housing complex ‘Merv Wright House’ at North Parramatta was not only certified Platinum but was also a finalist in the 2014 NSW Disability Industry Innovation Awards for its innovative design and support system inclusions.

Homes with Livable Housing Design accreditation incorporate up to 16 design elements such as step free entrances and slip resistant flooring to facilitate easy entry and navigation in and around the home.  These elements also enable homes to be cost effectively adapted to the changing needs and abilities of occupants.

There are 3 standards or levels of Livable Housing Design – Silver, Gold and Platinum.  A Platinum Level ensures all 16 elements are incorporated together with more generous dimensions for manoeuvring wheeled devices.

PowerHousing Australia – Sector Leadership

A proud member of PowerHousing Australia, Evolve Housing is committed to its role as a leader in the development and delivery of effective housing and support solutions to our communities.  PowerHousing provides a forum for collaboration between housing professionals to increase the stock of affordable housing in New South Wales. 

Andrea Galloway, Evolve Housing Chief Executive Officer is a PowerHousing Board Director.

Global Mark – Best Practice

Evolve Housing's role of leadership requires an ongoing commitment to employ the highest levels of business practice so as to raise industry standards. The National Community Housing Standards (NCHS) provides a tool that demonstrates that community housing providers, such as Evolve Housing, have sound governance practices in place.  GlobalMark is a certification body that accredits NSW-based providers.

Evolve Housing has recently satisfied the requirements of the NCHS through GlobalMark accreditation.  Our clients and potential clients can be assured that Evolve Housing follows industry best practice protocols in its day-to-day operations.

National Registration – Best Practice

Evolve Housing has held Tier 1 National Registration, the highest level of regulatory engagement, since its inception in March 2013, demonstrating that as an organisation we consistently engage best practice principles.  The National Regulatory System for Community Housing (NRSCH) was introduced to promote the growth of the community housing sector across Australia. 


  • Provides a consistent regulatory environment to growth the community housing sector;

  • Forges the future of housing (product) development; and

  • Streamlines regulatory requirements for the sector.

Work, Health and Safety – Best Practice

Community housing providers are registered in one of 3 tiers with those providers registered as ‘Tier 1’ providers being required to demonstrate the highest level of regulatory engagement having regard to the risks involved in their operations.  ‘Tier 2’ providers demonstrate a lower standard of regulatory engagement as they manage less risk than ‘Tier 1’ providers.  ‘Tier 3’ providers manage a lower level of risk than Tier 1 and 2 providers.

Evolve Housing is committed to establishing and maintaining high standards of Work, Health and Safety (WHS) with the aim of preventing injury to and illness of staff.

This is achieved through embedding WHS in all business operations by systematically implementing all the requirements of the Australian Standard (4801) on Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems.  This includes continually improving our existing WHS practices as part of our internal auditing schedule.