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Objectives and goals 'GESS'


Our four-year strategy 'GESS' represents the four strategic objectives under our vision as an organisation:

  • Growing the business
  • Enhancing business practice
  • Sustaining Tenancies
  • Strengthen Communities

At Evolve Housing, we have a clear purpose for our organisation and an ambitious vision. This strategic plan provides a structure to set our priorities, focus our energy and resources, strengthen our operations, and establish agreement around the intended outcomes and results of our business. It is a tool we will use to assess and adjust the organisation’s direction in response to a changing environment and helps to ensure that our employees, stakeholders and partners are working towards common goals.

Our Strategic Plan provides the high level direction to the organization for the next four financial years from 2016/17 to 2019/20. In order to achieve our goals and objectives, this plan will be supported by annual business plans and a reporting framework to measure progress and outcomes.

Growing capacity

1.1   Increase and diversify revenue streams 

  • Grow revenue 10%
  • Revenue from non-government sources 4%

1.2   Build on our partnerships

  • Strategic partnerships formed in line with framework for investment decisions

1.3   Grow balance sheet 

  • Value by 2020 - $500m

1.4   Increase & diversify housing portfolio

  • Properties by 2020 - 10,000

Enhancing Business Practice

2.1   Invest in our people

  • Deliver our People and  Culture Strategy

2.2   Be a governance leader

  • Meet best practice Quality & Risk Management standards

2.3   Drive efficiencies

  • Continuous improvement program in place.

2.4   Be business ready for opportunities

  • Deliver  business transformation enablement programs

Sustaining Tenancies

3.1   Respond to the needs of our residents

  • Implement best practice asset & tenancy management  approaches

3.2   Ensure housing and support services sustain tenancies

  • Increase number of tenancies sustained

3.3   Support residents on The Journey®

  • Services delivered build resident capacity

3.4   Influence housing policy to drive improved outcomes

  • Deliver Stakeholder Engagement strategy

Strengthen Communities

4.1   Measure & maximise positive social outcomes
  • Deliver our social investment framework
4.2   Enhance social and economic participation of our residents
  • Increase number of residents engaged in community activities, study, training or employment
4.3   Partner to optimise impact investment
  • Grow amount of external resources used to deliver programs & projects
4.4   Develop & participate in programs to deliver integrated communities
  • Residents report high neighbourhood satisfaction & feel engaged with their community