Evolve Housing is a leading not-for-profit housing provider in Australia, based in Western Sydney.

Evolve Housing is an award-winning, Tier-1 nationally registered community housing provider. We are recognised as one of the most innovative, high performing CHPs in Australia. We provide housing solutions to eligible people on very low to moderate incomes who are unable to access appropriate housing in the private market. This includes social and affordable housing. Evolve also have a presence in Tasmania through our membership of Centacare Evolve Housing, and we manage key worker housing in Victoria*

Over the 2020–2021 financial year, we increased both our property portfolio and the number of residents whose tenancies we manage. We now manage 4,270 properties, a 5% increase on last year’s portfolio, and house 9,981 residents, a 19% increase on last year.

We are proud to be able to expand in a sustainable way to accommodate these residents and be part of the solution to the housing affordability crisis in New South Wales.

* in association with Jens Veal Byrne Pty Ltd ABN 56 608 923 646 trading as EchoRealty in Victoria under licence from Evolve Housing Limited ABN 16 127 713 731

We do more than simply provide accommodation. Evolve delivers solutions that empower our residents to reach greater independence, avoid social isolation, and help communities thrive. Evolve recognises our responsibility in supplying fit-for-purpose social and affordable housing, with the aim of increasing housing supply to match the diverse needs of households in housing stress.


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Evolve Housing Capability Statement

“I am pleased to present Evolve Housing’s Capability Statement, which features information about our organisation’s operations, achievements and aspirations. It is our hope that this document will leave you with a broad understanding of our mission and what we are capable of delivering in the community housing space.”

Lyall Gorman

Evolve Housing CEO

What we do

At Evolve we believe in everyone’s right to a home – somewhere people can feel safe and secure, and engage with their community. We seek to reduce homelessness and housing stress and increase the well-being of our residents so they can live better lives, reach their full potential and contribute to and participate in their communities.

Our strategic goals

Achieve sustainable growth

We are committed to achieving sustainable growth  to deliver more homes and support services to support the communities we serve.

Enhance business practice and capacity

We embrace innovation and focus on best practice and continual improvement of our business.

Provide quality homes and services

Secure, affordable housing plays a critical role in improving the lives and well-being of vulnerable Australians.

Improve social outcomes for our clients

Our communities are socially inclusive, connected, resilient, just and prosperous.

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