Our Strategic Plan

Evolve Housing’s Strategic Plan is structured around four key goals:

  • Achieve sustainable growth
  • Enhance business practice and capacity
  • Provide quality homes and services
  • Improve social outcomes for our clients

These goals establish the framework and form our key focus areas for improvement that will help us to achieve our vision: more people in better quality homes in thriving, inclusive communities. They help to define what success will look like for our organisation, and so we refer to them as critical success factors.

Strategic objectives identify how we will deliver on these goals over a three-year term – from 2020 to 2023 – breaking them down into achievable and measurable steps. They are the specific intentions that will lead us to achieve each goal. We have identified metrics for each activity to track how we are performing against each goal, and so we can recognise where we need to adjust our approaches or directions to achieve better results.

The strategic objectives also help us in developing more detailed operational plans, including our Annual Business Plan and staff performance plans. We outline how we will deliver on each objective, and how we will measure success. We will regularly assess these focus areas and activities over the three-year period so that they remain relevant and appropriate.

Our Client Service Strategy

Evolve Housing residents, and people who engage with our organisation, are our valued clients and we are accountable to deliver services with fairness, equality, dignity and respect. We have a commitment to strive to exceed our clients’ expectations. At Evolve, our purpose is to enable more people to live in quality homes in thriving and inclusive communities.

The Client Service Strategy supports our Strategic Plan 2020–2023 and formalises our commitment to continuous self-improvement through implementing a suite of programs specifically focused on creating improved client service outcomes.

The strategy sets out the framework of standards and principles our clients can expect from our organisation.

Our Resident Engagement Strategy

The Resident Engagement Strategy is a tool that helps direct our organisation’s approach to engaging and communicating with our residents, to ensure that we have adequate feedback from them to tailor our services and programs to suit their needs. Evolve Housing’s purpose is to enable more people to live in quality homes in thriving and inclusive communities.

Our strategy summarises our philosophy towards resident engagement, considers current points of engagement we have with residents, and provides clear actions for Evolve Housing staff and business units, at all levels of the organisation, to perform to improve our resident engagement.

The strategy can also be useful to stakeholders who may be interested in partnering with us and want to learn more about our approach and processes.

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