Our Strategic Plan

Evolve Housing’s Strategic Plan is structured around four key goals:

  • Grow capacity
  • Enhance business practices
  • Sustain tenancies
  • Strengthen communities

These goals establish the framework and form our key focus areas for improvement that will help make our vision and purpose a reality. They help to define what success will look like for our organisation, and we therefore also refer to them as critical success factors.

Strategic objectives identify how we will deliver on these goals over a four year term – from 2016 to 2020 – breaking them down into achievable and measurable steps. They are the specific intentions that will lead us to achieve each goal. We have identified metrics for each activity to track how we are performing against each goal, and so we can recognise where we need to adjust our approaches or directions to achieve better results.

The strategic objectives also help us in developing more detailed operation plans. We outline how we will deliver on each objective, and how we will measure success. We will regularly assess these focus areas and activities over the four year planning period so that they remain relevant and appropriate.

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