Our Reconciliation Action Plan

Reconciliation is about strengthening relationships between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and the broader Australian community. It is about building respect and trust for the benefit of all Australians.

Evolve Housing’s vision for reconciliation is to work together respectfully and collaboratively with Australia’s First Nations Peoples to provide homes, shape communities, and deliver services that create culturally safe and appropriate places for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Our aim is to provide services that empower individuals and communities to share a prosperous and healthy future with all Australians.

Evolve Housing believes that the RAP will provide a framework by which we can: ·

  • Continue to improve and increase our engagement with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and stakeholders.
  • Strengthen our understanding and cultural competency.
  • Build on partnerships to deliver better housing outcomes and support services.
  • Strengthen communities.
  • Empower our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander residents.

Our Strategic Plan

Evolve Housing’s Strategic Plan is structured around four key goals:

  • Responding to Housing Need
  • Delivering Exceptional Client Service
  • Improving Lives and Strengthening Communities
  • Sustaining Organisational Excellence

This five-year outcomes-focused Strategic Plan prioritises measurable results and the impact the Evolve Housing Group will have in addressing the housing needs of the individuals, families, and communities we work with.

Our focus on specific goals will ensure that our combined efforts are targeted, effective, and accountable and that we achieve tangible outcomes that result in improving the lives of our residents and clients.

Our Strategic Plan goals cascade through our annual business plans and staff performance plans. Progress towards our goals is measured and monitored through our reporting and governance framework.

Our Client Service Strategy

Evolve Housing residents, and people who engage with our organisation, are our valued clients and we are accountable to deliver services with fairness, equality, dignity and respect. We have a commitment to strive to exceed our clients’ expectations. At Evolve, our purpose is to enable more people to live in quality homes in thriving and inclusive communities.

The Client Service Strategy supports our Strategic Plan 2020–2023 and formalises our commitment to continuous self-improvement through implementing a suite of programs specifically focused on creating improved client service outcomes.

The strategy sets out the framework of standards and principles our clients can expect from our organisation.

Our Resident Engagement Strategy

The Resident Engagement Strategy is a tool that helps direct our organisation’s approach to engaging and communicating with our residents, to ensure that we have adequate feedback from them to tailor our services and programs to suit their needs. Evolve Housing’s purpose is to enable more people to live in quality homes in thriving and inclusive communities.

Our strategy summarises our philosophy towards resident engagement, considers current points of engagement we have with residents, and provides clear actions for Evolve Housing staff and business units, at all levels of the organisation, to perform to improve our resident engagement.

The strategy can also be useful to stakeholders who may be interested in partnering with us and want to learn more about our approach and processes.

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