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Evolve Housing Teardrop on sunny Bondi beach after the 2013 City to Surf

Work with us

At Evolve Housing, our focus is on delivering timely, accurate and professional services to our internal and external customers.  It is through our dedicated and talented team of people that we are able to successfully and effectively deliver on these expectations.

We offer various benefits over and above the generous salary package and provide a positive environment where employees can feel safe, supported, motivated and engaged.  Through our integrated performance management program, our employees know what is expected of them, are able to track their own performance and see how they personally contribute towards the achievement of organisational strategic objectives.

People who choose to work at Evolve Housing genuinely respect diversity and embrace the opportunity to work within a melting pot of personalities, ages, cultures and backgrounds found across our employees, residents, partners and service providers.

People who work for Evolve Housing share our core values and lead by example.  They are people who want to make a difference, value the importance of social responsibility and are community-minded.  They are team-players who support change and continuous improvement and they are people who are keen to continue developing personally and professionally.

Our business

The Evolve Housing organisation structure consists of five key business units. These are:

  • Strategy & Community
  • Developments Delivery
  • Governance & Legal
  • Resident Services
  • Corporate Services

Equal Employment Opportunity and Anti-Discrimination Statement

Evolve Housing is proud to offer an equal opportunity workplace where diversity is readily embraced and supported.  We consider all types of workplace inequality and discrimination to be unacceptable and have a zero tolerance in this regard. 

As an equal employment opportunity employer, Evolve Housing is committed to the implementation of fair, equitable and non-discriminatory employment and operational practices.  We are equally committed to creating a work environment which is free from discrimination and where employees are treated with dignity, courtesy and respect.

Evolve Housing is committed to ensuring every current and potential employee will be given a fair and equitable chance to compete for appointment, promotion, transfer, training, development and terms of employment and to pursue their career aspirations as effectively as others and will not be unfairly treated on the basis of a trait that could be considered as discrimination.

View our Equal Employment Opportunity and Anti-Discrimination Policy for more information.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Employment

We encourage people of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander origin to apply for any position advertised.