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Affordable Housing Factsheet

Download Evolve Housing 'Affordable Housing' Factsheet (PDF)

What is the Affordable housing Scheme and how it can benefit you?

The affordable Housing Scheme was developed to encourage working low and moderate income earners into the rental property market. Evolve Housings’ subsidised rental properties allow employed applicants safe and secure accommodation to assist with maintaining other essential basic living costs.
With the increasing demand and rising cost of rental properties, entering the rental market has become difficult, particularly for the moderate to low income earners. The Affordable Housing Scheme assists in meeting the adequate housing needs, without penalising low-income earning individuals and families. Every 12 months a review of eligibility will be conducted to ensure applicants are in line with new guidelines and meet the current criteria.
Locational preferences allow applicants to specify from a list of Local Government Areas (LGA) that may be convenient for existing needs, including proximity to employment and schools. 

Renting and Tenancy

Upon accepting an offer, the tenant will be required to provide four weeks bond and two weeks advanced rent. The rent is set at 75% of market rent, as determined by the Rental Bond Board figures. Evolve Housing Leases will be initially for a fixed period of (12) months. At the end of every 12 month period, the tenancy will be re-assessed for eligibility to continue. If a Housing Pathways applicant takes up an affordable housing tenancy (i.e enters into a lease), they will be regarded as suitably housed and removed from the NSW Social Housing Register.


If you are currently employed and an Australian permanent resident, you may apply for the Affordable Housing Scheme. You are required to provide an employment history (minimum of 2 months pay slips), as well as proof of rental history (tenant ledger - min 12 months). Generally, the main applicant must receive income from regular employment and rental payments must not exceed 30% of the total household gross income. income must fall within the Affordable Housing income eligibility limits. 

Please note: The figures in the table below are subject to change. Please go to the Housing NSW website for the most current values,

Affordable Housing Income Eligibility Limits

Household members
(regardless of relationship)
Low income
Minimum gross annual income
Moderate income
Maximum gross annual income
Head tenant (single) $36,000 $54,900
Each additional adult (18 years or over) Add $18,300 Add $27,500
Each additional child (under 18 years) Add $11,000 Add $16,500
Example: Couple and 2 children
Head tenant + Additional adult + 2 children (under 18 years)
Income eligibility between $76,300 - $115,400

Where to get more information?

Henry Dodd House 9-13 Argyle Street, Parramatta NSW 2150
1300 692 245 or 02 8862 1500 or
Document No:  HS073.2.0  |  Approved:  01/12/2013  |  Review Due:  01/12/2014