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Applying for Housing Pathways Factsheet

Download Evolve Housing 'Applying for Housing Pathways' Factsheet (PDF)

Have you already made an application on the NSW Housing Register, via another Pathways Housing Provider e.g. Housing NSW or another Community Housing organisation?

If yes, then you do not need to submit another application. All participating Pathways organisations use a single application process and waiting list. For more details visit the Housing Pathways website or read the About Housing Pathways factsheet

If you do not have an active Pathways application  you need to complete the following:

Support documents – evidence requirements and medial information

When completing the above forms, it’s important that all people to be housed are included and all evidence requirements are met (refer to the Evidence Requirements Information Sheet).

All applications MUST include proof of income for all persons 18 years or above, bank statements and proof of identification (refer to the Evidence Requirements Information Sheet).

If there is any medical information that we need to consider when assessing your application, such as ongoing illnesses , disabilities or modification requirements, please ensure you also provide a Medical Assessment form competed by your GP or Specialist. 

Once you have completed the forms

Once your forms are completed and you have all of the required support documents, you can then submit them to our Evolve Housing office. You will receive a receipt acknowledgement of your application within 48 hours via SMS to the mobile number provided on the application form. If you do not have a mobile number we will send the Acknowledgement of Receipt of Application page to your postal address.

Completed applications for housing assistance are assessed within 28 days. You will then receive a letter to your postal address advising you of the outcome of your application.

Please note: If there are support documents missing with your application, or further evidence is required, you will be sent a letter with the details and requesting a response within 10 working days. If you are unable to provide these documents within the required timeframe, please contact our office on 02 8862 1500 to request an extension. If we are unable to contact you and all required documents have not been submitted we will be unable to proceed with your application and it may be closed.

Wait-times for social housing

Depending on your housing requirements and allocation zones, wait-times may vary. Refer to the Housing Pathways website.

Where to get more information:

Henry Dodd House 9-13 Argyle Street, Parramatta NSW 2150

1300 692 245 or 02 8862 1500 or

Document No:  HS029.2.0  |  Approved:  01/12/2013  |  Review Due:  01/12/2014