Be energy wise this winter

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Keep warm without racking up a huge electricity bill this winter

Winter has well and truly set in, and with temperatures plummeting, it’s tempting to crank up the heating to keep your home warm. While heaters and reverse cycle air conditioning will definitely keep you toasty on those cold mornings, they may also lead to financial stress when it’s time to pay the electricity bill. Luckily, there are many tips and tricks you can use to heat your home without using too much power.

Harness natural heat sources

The sun is a great, free source of warmth that you can take advantage of! Don’t forget to open your curtains in the morning to let the sun shine in and warm up your home, then close them in the evening. This reduces condensation on the windows, which can also lower the temperature. Heavy curtains are better, as they prevent heat from escaping your home.

Insulate your home

Unless you have carpet, it’s likely that your floor gets cold and affects the temperature in your home. You can prevent this by insulating it with rugs, carpets and other furnishings – they’ll feel nice and warm on your feet, and they may help keep the indoor temperature up. Another good tip is to ensure that there are no gaps in your doors or windows that are letting cool air in, or warm air out. By using door ‘snakes’ and window seals, you can insulate your home and stop draughts.

Maximise the effect of your heating

When you do need to turn the heating on, be sure to close the doors to any rooms that you aren’t using. This stops heat moving into unoccupied parts of the home. This will help to keep the energy bill down too.

Be mindful of anything that might be blocking heat from moving around your home. If you use a heater, don’t put your lounge in front of it, or dry your clothes in front of it, as you’ll prevent it from warming the rest of the room.

Don’t turn the heat up too high

Resist the temptation to turn the temperature on your heater or air conditioner up too high. Try to use the lowest temperature that feels comfortable. Research has demonstrated that just a one degree reduction in the temperature setting on your heating could reduce your bill by 10 percent.

Think of ways to heat yourself

Layer up with jumpers, socks, scarves, long sleeves and blankets to keep your body warm – no electricity required! You can also warm up with hot drinks like tea, or use hot water bottles.

Winter safety tips:

For winter safety tips, visit Fire and Rescue NSW: