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Group of residents surrounded by autumn trees and colourful leaves

Community Programs

Our mission is to strengthen people of all ages and make a positive contribution to the communities in which they live 

Evolve Housing delivers positive social and economic outcomes that are both sustainable and beneficial to the community. As Evolve Housing grows, the organisation wants to maintain its community focus to keep people in the centre of everything we do. Volunteers are involved in Evolve Housing in many ways, including providing a social support network to our residents, being involved in office work, community engagement activities or the Evolve Housing Residents Council. 

Resident programs

We have a provide many programs to support residents and their families including education and sport grants, no-interest loans and training.

Training People for Life

Focuses on helping our tenants through life skills training.

Residents Council 

A group of volunteer residents that exists to be the voice of all Evolve Housing tenants and residents.

Your Community  

Find out more about what's happening in your community and access all sorts of good-to-know information about your neighbourhood.


Volunteering at Evolve Housing can be both professionally and personally rewarding, as volunteers help us improve the quality of people's lives, strengthening both people and communities.

Kids Zone 

To assist parents, we have put together some resources that could help your children with making learning fun and their days more interactive.