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Our young residents at an Evolve Housing event

Educational links

Homework drama

Tips on how to encourage your child to practice their writing skills and become a good speller. You will find practical tips to help your child to work out the best way to express themselves through their writing. You might have a budding author in your home!

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A child with good listening's possible!

Kids need to develop their skills at speaking in front of others long before their 21st birthday comes on the radar.

Being able to take in information, respond to instructions and share our ideas, thoughts and opinions are vital for kids to get by in the world.

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Get the maths on risk-taking

Kids can't cram maths, especially concepts half understood; the foundations must first be in place. Listen to broadcaster and maths fan Adam Spencer on loving maths for our kids' sake and what to do when it's all too hard.

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Reading challenges

Older children with reading problems often have misconceptions about how reading works and they need additional strategies to help them. Knowing what they’re good at and what they value can help you to encourage their selections.

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Assignments due?

Is your child unsure how to work to a deadline? Teach them how to find the end date and work backwards to plan their preparation activities. These assignment starters on popular topics also help kids to kick-start their projects.

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NAPLAN – a skills snapshot

If your child is in Year 3, 5, 7, or 9, they will sit NAPLAN tests on May 13-15. And despite what you may have heard, there’s no need to panic or start an intensive study program with your child.

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