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Resident graduates of our 2013 Training for Life program

Training people for life

Evolve Housing is an industry leader in the provision of community and resident engagement programs. Our focus is on strengthening people and communities, and to deliver positive social and economic outcomes that are both sustainable and beneficial to the community.

Through partnerships, Evolve Housing is able to develop programs that help residents gain professional skills and life skills that can help them cross the social and economic divide, 'breaking the cycle of worklessness', and engage residents in their community to help promote social inclusion.

Our programs are based around developing positive relationships, physical activity, healthy diet and better mental health. Our current programs and projects include:

Financial assistance schemes

We offer a number of financial assistance schemes to our residents. This financial assistance can be used to obtain whitegoods such as a fridge or education, all aimed at providing our residents with the life skills or equipment needed to live a healthy balanced lifestyle.

Skills for life training 

Partnering with Astute Training, a registered training provider, Evolve Housing residents have access to free training, which help them gain employment and have the confidence to join community based activities, including volunteering.

Other programs

  • Community discussion groups - we bring together policy makers and practitioners to debate current issues around community health and wellbeing.
  • Friendship Aged Network (FAN) - this project is to support aged people who have become socially isolated. Evolve Housing Team members, residents and volunteers regularly contact our aged residents providing them with social engagement. They are included in social activities tailored to their age group and physical ability to help improve their physical and mental wellbeing.
  • Meet and greet program - this program is an opportunity for the residents of a particular area or block to meet with their Housing Manager and share some of their concerns. In addition to this, it is an avenue for the resident to know and meet their neighbours.
  • Strengthening people and communities - free programs for residents to gain life skills and professional skills, such as money management courses and programs to strengthen families by increasing skills in parenting to achieve a positive change in inter family relationships.

Want to help us make a difference?

Partner with us to develop more support programs. Help us make a positive difference in the community and in the lives of those most vulnerable. Let us know your interest in partnering with us!