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Three of our resident volunteers smiling at the Nepean Bell cruise

Volunteer with us

Volunteering at Evolve Housing can be both professionally and personally rewarding. Homelessness and housing stress is a rapidly growing problem in Australia with over 105,000 people homeless and over 16,000 of these are children. By volunteering with us you will join our Evolve Housing team and make a positive difference in the lives of those who need it most.

Our volunteers help us remain a community-minded and community-driven organisation that improves the quality of peoples lives, strengthening both people and communities.

Every volunteer at Evolve Housing is important and we greatly value your contribution.

What volunteers do

Volunteers are involved in Evolve Housing in many ways, including providing a social support network to our residents, being involved in office work, community engagement activities, or the Evolve Housing Residents Council.

Our volunteers work on a variety of different programs, including:

  • helping to organise events and activities;
  • befriending aged residents through our Friendship Aged Network (FAN);
  • volunteering to assist in running community programs;
  • helping run practical training sessions at our Resident Activity Zone (located at our Parramatta head office); and
  • office and administration work.

Volunteers help our Evolve Housing team provide key services to our residents.

Training, support and recognition

Evolve Housing  'Training people for life' program ensures that our volunteers are fully supported, they can as part of volunteering receive free training and qualifications. They are also reimbursed for travel and lunch expenses.

Volunteering provides valuable work experience, and, combined with a written reference from Evolve Housing, can help volunteers find paid employment. Once a year Evolve Housing formally recognises all its volunteers and announces the recipient of the Volunteer of the Year Award, a celebration and acknowledgement of the achievements of the many volunteers who work with us.

Evolve Housing also has an employee volunteer program. At the end of each year Evolve Housing employees volunteer their own personal time to co-ordinate and help run the annual resident 'End of Year Party/Christmas Party'. In return Evolve Housing gives each employee who volunteers 14 hours paid time off.

During 2012/2013 Evolve Housing had 11 volunteers who collectively and generously gave 1,804 hours of their time to help make a positive difference to the lives of our residents. Evolve Housing provides over 2500 homes to over 6000 residents in need and as the Australian housing crisis continues to escalate this need grows.

Going forward, we want to expand the range of volunteer opportunities we offer and encourage more people to get involved.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer at Evolve Housing, please contact our Community Development Officer on 02 8862 1500

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