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Evolve Housing sign on building facade

Going green communal garden program

Evolve Housing's 'Going Green' project was launched to build functional communal gardens within developments managed by the residents. The communal gardens delivers sustainable produce and also provides an avenue for social engagement across neighbourhood networks.

The project united local residents with Evolve Housing tenants participating in an environmental sustainability initiative. The video was taken over the two days where local residents of Parr Pde Narraween and their neighbours better learnt how to build, plant and grow a garden from a qualified horticulturalist. It was a great opportunity to promote social interaction, helping to build and foster stronger communities.

Everyone who came along is now armed with the knowledge and perhaps a spade, ready to build, plant and grow their own garden. And the good news is, if they forgot one of the steps: they can just ask their neighbour!

Video: watch our 'Going Green' project unfold



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