Connecting residents to employment

Nov 30, 2017 ,

Anita returned to Sydney after a relationship breakdown and wasn’t able
to find a stable place to call home. She suffered from acute anxiety and
struggled to even go outside.

For a long period of time Anita was couch surfing and moving around each day to find a bed for the night. Thankfully that all changed when she was linked with Evolve and allocated an apartment of her own.

“I got the call from Evolve and I was so glad to have my own little place. With the security of my own home, I couldn’t be happier.”

After settling into her home in Western Sydney, Anita received her first Evolve resident newsletter and saw information on the barista training course run in partnership between Evolve and Darcy St Project.

While she had a few initial hurdles battling her anxiety to make it to the start of the course, once she was there Anita said she was hooked.

Anita completed the four week Certificate 1 Barista training course which included a mixture of theory and practical work experience in the Darcy St Project café.

I absolutely love it. I took advantage of all the work experience that was on offer which was important for me, I asked a lot of questions, and really enjoyed the learning experience.

Anita passed through the Barista course with flying colours and developed a passion for her work. Due to her skills and dedication Anita was offered a paid
position as a barista by Darcy St Project and has been employed there since December 2016.

John Cafferatta, owner of Darcy St Project, said that he has loved partnering with Evolve and having the opportunity to connect with our residents and teach them new skills which can lead to sustainable employment pathways.

Speaking about Anita’s success story John said she has fit right in with the team and is an asset to Darcy St Project.

“She has fit into our culture and values brilliantly. Everyone brings their own type of swag and personality to the table which has been a great value add for us at Darcy St Project,” said John.

Now in a stable position with a permanent roof over her head Anita is able to start moving her life forward. After completing her training and now that she is permanently employed, Anita’s life has changed for the better.

Talking about her new job, Anita said “I love being here, I’ve really found what I love and what I want to do forever. I would like to teach eventually. I would
really enjoy that as I want to give back everything I got out of this course.”