Evolve Housing has a proud history of working with developers, Tier 1 and 2 builders, and local contractors to deliver quality building projects.

Current and recent partnership development projects include:

Evolve Pacific Developments

Portfolio size: 87 units currently being developed
Location of portfolio: Woy Woy, Roselands, and Canton  Beach, NSW
Name of partnership: Evolve Pacific Developments

Evolve Pacific Developments brings together Evolve Housing and Pacific Link Housing. We established this joint venture to develop innovative solutions in in the affordable, community, social, and disability housing sectors. By combining our resources and knowledge, Evolve Pacific Developments is delivering projects which benefit communities on the Central Coast and Sydney. Evolve Pacific Developments is currently developing the last of three projects which will deliver 87 new social and affordable properties.

Evolve Journey

Portfolio size: 268 units
Location of portfolio: Harts Landing, Penrith, NSW
Name of partnership: Evolve Journey

Evolve Journey is a partnership between Evolve Housing and Payce created specifically to deliver the Harts Landing development. Offering mutual benefits to both parties, we were able to utilise Payce’s experience and relationships to deliver the flagship project of 268 new apartments. The strong relationship with Payce continues beyond the project, as we search for future opportunities to deliver more homes together.

CentaCare Evolve Housing

Portfolio size: 1,360 properties
Location of portfolio: across Tasmania
Name of partnership: Affordable Community Housing Alliance Tasmania Pty Limited, trading as CentaCare Evolve Housing

Together with CatholicCare Tasmania, Evolve Housing is a member of CentaCare Evolve Housing. CentaCare Evolve Housing manages approximately 1,060 dwellings in Bridgewater and Gagebrook in northern Hobart, as part of Housing Tasmania’s Better Housing Futures programme. In addition, CentaCare Evolve has also contracted with Housing Tasmania to build approximately 300 dwellings.

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