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Evolve Housing is one of the largest not-for-profit community housing providers in Australia. As of 30 June 2021, we manage 4,270 properties housing 9,981 residents.  

We provide subsidised housing to people living on very low to moderate incomes who are unable to pay for appropriate housing in the private market. Through alliances with government, developers, and investors, we create new community housing stock to help meet a growing demand. Our properties cater to a diverse range of needs, household sizes and incomes, so we can offer a variety of options to our residents. 

We also offer a range of support services and programs to our residents to help them reach their potential. We often partner with other community-minded organisations to deliver these initiatives. Support offered includes education and training programs, tailored support plans to address certain areas of need in residents’ lives (including physical and mental health), and regular social activities to create a sense of community. 

We believe that we can achieve the best results for the community through productive partnerships with organisations that share our values.  

Working to create or manage community housing dwellings

Evolve Housing has extensive experience in collaborating with government bodies, developers, and investors to achieve great outcomes for all parties. If you have a development that will include social, affordable, or private market dwellings, we would love to discuss how we can partner with you to help make your project the best it can be. 

Through our profit-for-purpose real estate agency EchoRealty, we also manage the affordable housing portfolios of our current partners, including: 

  • Altis Property Partners 
  • Sydney Olympic Park Authority 
  • City of Parramatta 
  • Willoughby City Council 
  • Bayside City Council 

We also work with several developers to create and manage more social and affordable housing, including:

  • Billbergia PTY LTD
  • Traders in Purple

To read more about our projects and development partners visit our Development Partners page.

Working with Local Councils

Evolve Housing welcomes the opportunity to work with councils. We have experience in developing and managing affordable housing programs run by councils that are tailored to the area’s individual needs. We also offer a wide array of other relevant services – whether it is reviewing a development application that includes affordable housing, outlining the role of the community housing sector, or working together to create community development programs, Evolve Housing can help. We understand local government reporting requirements and the political and community expectations for these important public assets. 

We are well aware of the complexities of local government, where one organisation is responsible for delivering more than 100 different services, and we strive to make it easier for you to meet the needs of your community. We work with local governments to help you to maximise the opportunities for social and affordable housing in their area. 

Councils we have worked with include: 

  • City of Canterbury Bankstown 
  • City of Parramatta 
  • City of Ryde 
  • Cumberland City Council 
  • Blacktown City Council 
  • Fairfield City Council 
  • Liverpool City Council 
  • Penrith City Council 
  • Willoughby City Council 
  • Bayside City Council 

For councils who have land that they plan to develop for social and affordable housing, Evolve Housing can manage the design and the delivery of the project on a fee-for-service basis. For those with existing public housing stock, Evolve Housing can deliver high quality tenancy and property management services at very reasonable rates. 

If you are a council that has partnered with developers to deliver a project that includes affordable housing, we can work with these developers to put a management agreement in place. This gives you peace-of-mind that affordable housing dwellings are going to be used for their intended purpose. With our commitment to people-centered programs, you can also be sure that we will work to sustain tenancies and ensure that residents have access to the support they need. 

To learn more about how we can work with you, contact Jitender Balani, General Manager, Community and Business Growth.

Corporate Partnerships

Through a partnership with Evolve Housing, your organisation can give back to the community, enhance the reputation of your business, and help you reach your social objectives. 

We believe that partnerships are mutually beneficial. We tailor our approach to suit your corporate social responsibility needs and objectives. When you live your values, you create a workplace culture that empowers your team, drives results and improves morale and engagement.  

Through a partnership with Evolve Housing, you can participate in the development of your local community by supporting socially responsible programs that match your organisation’s values and help improve the lives of community housing residents. Each partnership is unique and can incorporate one or a combination of activities. 


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