Evolve Housing responds to CEDA report Housing Australia released today

Aug 29, 2017

The report released today by the Committee for Economic Development of Australia (CEDA) titled Housing Australia highlighted a number of issues including the key recommendation that “policy settings need to prioritise shelter to the most disadvantaged”.

Evolve Housing believes that safe, secure and affordable housing underpins people’s ability to actively participate in society.

In her chapter of the report, Dr Judith Yates says, “Lower income renters do not have the option of reducing their housing costs by living in smaller dwellings, or in less well-located dwellings. There are simply not enough low-rent dwellings available and, to compound the shortage, there has been no growth in social housing.”

Andrea Galloway, CEO Evolve Housing said, “it is great to see acknowledgement that policy settings need to prioritise shelter to the most disadvantaged. We strongly support the recommendation by Dr Judith Yates that Australia needs significantly increased funding for dwellings which are affordable to people on low incomes.’

“Every day at Evolve Housing we see that when people are given the opportunity to access affordable and appropriate housing options they are then able to participate in training and employment opportunities, pursue personal goals and improve their quality of life.’

“More investment is urgently needed in social housing, new or alternative housing models must be developed and government investment is required to stimulate affordable housing supply,” said Ms Galloway.

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