Evolve Housing takes action during Homelessness Week

Aug 04, 2017 ,

Evolve Housing is taking action on homelessness by leading the organisation of the Western Sydney Homeless Connect event for the third year. More than 1500 people at risk of, and experiencing homelessness will attend the event which has again been generously supported by the City of Parramatta, at Centenary Square, Parramatta on Monday 7 August on the first day of National Homelessness Week. The innovative event is unique as it brings together over 50 services in one place, on one day, to achieve real outcomes.

As well as being able to access basic assistance such as hot meals, showers, haircuts and health checks, guests will also be connected with services which have long last impacts. Essential support such as access to identification documents, legal services, domestic violence support services, mental health services and housing services will all be available on the day.

CEO Andrea Galloway says “Navigating the system can be complicated so the impact of bringing the whole system together in one accessible spot cannot be underestimated.”

Many of the women, families and young people attending the event as guests may be accessing support services for the first time.  Recent statistics from National Shelter have shown that many low income households are paying up to 70% of their income on rent alone; leaving little for life’s other basic necessities like food and electricity and increasing the risk of homelessness.

Each night around 105,000 Australians experience homelessness, 42% of these people are under the age of 24; 44% are women; and only 6% sleep rough on the streets.

Andrea Galloway the CEO of Evolve Housing said “We are proud to lead the organisation of Western Sydney Homeless Connect, this event provides much needed respite and access to essential services however the long term solution must be safe, secure and affordable housing.

We believe that by prioritising investment in affordable and social housing we can prevent people from falling into the cycle of homelessness in the first place, which provides far better social outcomes for the community.”

At the event there will be over 1500 people with different stories about the circumstances that lead them to become homeless or at risk of homeless. No one should have to experience homelessness. With more investment in housing we can have more positive outcomes.

With the support of Evolve Housing for Youth Betty was able to access safe, secure and affordable housing. This is her story.