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Go! Grants Fact Sheet

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GO! Grants are aimed at getting kids active and involved, because participation in physical, cultural and sport activities can have significant impacts on the health of individuals and communities. The physical, social emotional and cognitive benefits of sport, cultural and physical activity are well researched and active kids become active adults.

The grant will provide funding of up to $700 per household over 2 years (conditions apply). Activities could include:

                             Your child could be eligible for up to $700 across 2 years

  • Sport
  • Dance
  • Scouts
  • Cultural specific activities (traditional dance, music)
  • Swimming lessons

Eligibility Criteria

A tenant with a primary or high school student who meets the following criteria may apply for the funding.

  • Declared occupant living in an Evolve Housing property.
  • Applicant must be a Permanent Resident or Australian citizen
  • Aged 18 years or younger
  • Applicant household must not have a current debt with Evolve Housing.


Prior to funds being released the following must be provided

  • Completed the GO! Grants application form (individual applications must be completed for each child and, if approved, funds will be allocated per household)
  • Must meet eligibility criteria
  • Proof of registration in a sporting, cultural or physical activity
  • Copies of written quotes or invoices for relevant equipment and fees necessary to participate in the nominated activity (no cash payments can be approved)
  • Grants will be approved for activities the applicant will be participating in the upcoming season or year
  • Grants will not be approved for completion of prior activities

Successful applicants are required to meet ongoing requirements in order to receive ongoing support over the 2 years of the grant.

  • Approved applicant must be fully participating in their chosen activity. Poor attendance and behaviour may result in withdrawal of further support.
  • Successful applicants will be assessed in July and January in each year of the grant to assess progress.
  • A report from your club or organisation that you participate in is required half way through and at the end of the season. This will help us assess the benefits of the program and to decide if further support is to be approved.


           Your child could be eligible for up to $700 across two years

  • Successful applicants will have expenses paid directly to the relevant activity or supplier that the successful applicant is participating in to cover expenses needed for the chosen activity. The organisation along with the student and parent / guardians will work to decide what is needed for the child on an individual basis.
  • Reimbursement can be made to the successful applicant if the purchase of the items meet the requirements of the activity and is decided on with input form the organisation the activity is taking place with.
  • Items could include
    • Uniform
    • Fees / program costs
    • Equipment

Total grant per household is $700 over 2 years up to $330 per year in financial support.

Where can I get more information?

Call 1800 myevolve (1800 693 865) 

Document No:  CE058.2.0 |  Approved:  December 2017

Did you know that your child could also be eligible for a NSW Government sporting voucher of up to $100? 

The NSW Government have announced that from 31 January 2018 the Active Kids program means that families can apply for up to $100 voucher per calendar year for each child enrolled in school to help cover the costs of sport, fitness and physical activity. Find out more about the vouchers and how you can apply for one here.