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Committed to tackling the shortage of social, affordable and disability housing in Australia

We work in an ethically and environmentally manner, designing innovative and sustainable homes that provide functional long term viability by being energy efficient, greener, accessible and adaptable to meet current and future household needs. This ensures we make a positive contribution to the local community. It also ensures that urban developments do not place a greater demand on infrastructure and services, which contributes to the problems of land clearing, pollution, transport related emissions, energy consumption, invasive species, automobile dependency and urban heat islands. 

Evolve Housing, through collaboration with our partners, has developed housing that was awarded the high level Platinum Livable Housing rating and is industry recognised for its high level of innovation.

Our philosophy:

'Be collaborative, visionary and push the boundaries to deliver innovative and sustainable person-centred housing for now and the future.'

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With housing affordability at crisis levels in Sydney, it is vital that Evolve Housing and other community housing providers play a greater role in growing the supply of appropriate and affordable housing. 

Evolve establishes partnerships with other community-minded and non-profit organisations in order to provide alternative revenue streams for affordable housing. Read more about some of our partnerships here