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How to make a complaint or lodge an appeal (IHEAR)

Why do we have a complaints procedure?

Evolve Housing aims to provide a high quality professional service to all residents. We always welcome your feedback, whether it’s a complaint, compliment or suggestion. 

  • It helps us monitor our performance and effectiveness. 
  • It tells us what is working well and what we need to do better. 
  • We appreciate the opportunity to improve our services. 

What can you complain about?

  • The services Evolve Housing provides;
  • The way they have been treated by staff;
  • The manner in which their personal information has been used, disclosed or dealt with, including health information.

How to make a complaint 

You can make a complaint by;

  • Speaking to an Evolve Housing staff member.
  • Visiting our office.
  • Sending us an email at
  • Fill out our complaints form here

Complaints will be acknowledged, investigated and responded to usually within 20 days. However, complaints regarding privacy may take up to 60 days to be completed.

What is an appeal?

When tenants are not satisfied with Evolve Housing’s decisions about something that affects their tenancy, they have the right to make an appeal. An appeal is a formal review process that checks if Evolve Housing’s decision was right or wrong.

How to lodge an appeal?

  • You have three (3) months from the date of the original decision to ask for a review and to put in an appeal. 
  • Fill out the relevant Appeals form found here or at our head office. 
  • Ask for help if you cannot fill out the form, for example, a relative, friend or community worker may fill out the form on your behalf.
  • Evolve Housing staff members can also help you with writing the appeal on your behalf.  
  • Talk to Evolve Housing staff if you need someone to explain what extra information you may need to attach.

What is the appeal process?

From the time we receive your written appeal, an Evolve Housing staff member – who was not involved in making the original decision – will review your appeal. It usually takes 20 days working days to be done. It may take longer if further information is required.

When the review is complete, we will send a letter to you. The letter will tell you the outcome of your appeal and the reasons for our decision.

What to do if you are still not satisfied after lodging an appeal

If you believe our decision on your appeal is still not right, you can ask for another review from the Housing Appeals Committee. This is an independent agency that reviews decisions of community housing providers and Housing NSW.

Some decisions cannot be reviewed or appealed, for example; repairs, maintenance and lease issues that come under the NSW Civil & Administrative Tribunal (NCAT). For more advice contact the Evolve Housing head office on 02 8862 1500.  

For more information refer to the following documents available on our website and from our office: