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At Evolve Housing we encourage our residents to get involved with their community, helping others, making friends, and supporting each other.

Community gardens

Our community greening project, Going Green, brings together local residents to build functional community gardens. The gardens, managed entirely by residents, produce sustainable fruit, vegetables and herbs, and are a fun and productive way for residents to engage socially across neighbourhood networks.

Evolve Housing has partnered with the Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney (RBGS) Community Greening program to help you to develop new skills in gardening, grow your own food and learn more about sustainable living.

There is no upfront cost to residents – Evolve provides you with all the tools and supplies you need to support the garden, and the RBGS program provides all the plants. Staff from the RBGS Community Greening program support you with visits throughout the process to keep your knowledge up to date, check in on the garden and teach you new skills to keep your garden healthy and productive.

    Community Garden

    I accept the role as residential representative for the community garden in my block

    Friendship Aged Network (FAN) group

    The Friendship Aged Network (FAN)  began in 2006, as an initiative by the Evolve Housing Resident Advisory Group. The FAN is a program where phone calls are made to senior residents living alone that may be feeling isolated. Fellow Evolve residents volunteer their time to make the calls that consist of a weekly chat, check in on how they’re going or encourage them to come to any upcoming Evolve social events. This program has been fostering friendships and supporting our seniors for over 10 years and has improved the lives of both those receiving calls and for the volunteers making them.

    For more information or want to receive calls please contact the Evolve housing Community team or call the community team on 1800 693865.


    Evolve Housing is committed to organising events and social activities of which encourage our residents to get out of their homes and interact with other residents and members of the community. We tailor our events to meet the needs of a variety of our residents such as fun holiday activities , social outings  and specific block events.

    Please stay tuned for up and coming events and activities by visiting Whats On