Evolve Housing's programs and services

We design our programs and support services by working with our residents whom help us listen to what our residents need so we can provide you with the most useful assistance. We do this by various avenues such as surveys, working with our Resident Advisory Group and other resident programs and groups. By listening to our residents, we have been able to put together a range of programs and services to help you improve your health and wellbeing, your standard of living, and support you to take important steps towards living more independently

For more information on any program, or to learn how to apply, please call 1800 MY EVOLVE and speak to the community team or email community@evolvehousing.com.au

Here are some of the services and support we can provide:

Digital Basics Workshop

Evolve offers free Digital Basics training workshop to Evolve residents interested in learning how to use their digital devices and gaining confidence online. In these workshops residents learn how to use their computer, smartphones and tablets while learning the basics associated with online security including banking, Centrelink, scams and social media.

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Money Management Workshop

Evolve offers free Money Management workshop to Evolve Housing residents interested in learning how to manage their money and take control of their finances. This is a practical, fun and easy course to kick start your budgeting.

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Personal Support Plans

Evolve can create personal support plans for our residents, through our assessment and referral Support Service. Our Support Officers can refer you to Evolve programs or to external specialist organisations to help you with your finances, health, employment, education, or social and community support. If you would like to be referred to our support unit for assessment or to find out more please call 1800 MY EVOLVE (1800 693 865) or message us at contact us.

If you would like to receive a call from one of our resident volunteers please email Community@evolvehousing.com.au

Western Sydney Heat and Social Housing Program

Research has shown that Australian summers are getting hotter – especially in Western Sydney.

On 4 January 2020, Penrith was the hottest place on earth with a recorded temperature of 48.9 degrees Celsius.

Rising heat and increasing incidence of heat waves are of grave concern to social housing tenants who frequently raise issues regarding the impact of heat, cost of energy and difficult process for requesting modifications to properties.

For this reason, the Western Sydney Heat and Social Housing Project was established.  The collective of housing providers and councils have decided to focus on improving tenant resilience to the heat and heat waves.

We encourage you to view our resources below for more helpful tips and tricks on managing the heat.

Download the Shelter don’t Swelter poster 

Cool Summer tips from our resident’s themselves:

The Western Sydney Heat and Social Housing Project is a collaboration between Wentworth Community Housing, Hume Housing and Evolve Housing, and our tenants, along with Penrith and Hawkesbury councils. It was funded by the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment’s Increasing Resilience to Climate Change program.

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