Evolve programs and services

We design our programs and support services by working with our resident council and local resident groups. They help us listen to what our residents need so we can provide you with the most useful assistance. By listening to our residents, we have been able to put together a range of programs and services to help you feel connected to your local community and other Evolve Housing residents, improve your health and wellbeing, improve your standard of living, and support you to take important steps towards vocational training and finding employment.

If you would like more information about any of our programs call 1800 MY EVOLVE on 1800 693 865 or contact us. and we can connect you to the programs or services that are right for you. Here are some of the services we can provide:

Training and employment

Evolve offers a range of free and discounted training programs to residents to teach you vocational skills and provide work opportunities. Some of the certified training opportunities we have offered include Barista courses, Community Services, Individual Support, and Cleaning.

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High School Help

Do you have a child in high school? They might be eligible for our High School Help program, this new approach offers targeted financial and learning support to Evolve Housing residents.

We’ll meet with you and your child to discuss their learning needs and provide a tailored support program based on your situation.

To apply for the program, or learn more, please contact the Resident Engagement team on community@evolvehousing.com.au.

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Keep Educating Yourself (KEY) Grants

Evolve provides funding of up to $4,500 over 3 years to assist residents with their tertiary study at TAFE, trade school or university, to help cover educational expenses.

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GO! Grants

Evolve can support residents with grants of up to $700 for children (under 18 years) to participate in sport or cultural activities including athletics, swimming, scouts and cultural dance.

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Digital Basics

Evolve offers free Digital Basics training workshop to Evolve residents interested in learning how to use their digital devices and gaining confidence online. In these workshops residents learn how to use their computer, smartphones and tablets while learning the basics associated with online security including banking, Centrelink, scams and social media.

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Money Management

Evolve offers free Money Management workshop to Evolve Housing residents interested in learning how to manage their money and take control of their finances. This is a practical, fun and easy course to kick start your budgeting.

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Local Resident Groups

There are six Local Residents Groups who meet regularly to support the Resident Council. They help to connect with their neighbours, discuss resident issues and work together on projects that benefit where they live.

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Personal support plans

Evolve can create personal support plans for our residents, through our assessment and referral Support Service. Our Support Officers can refer you to Evolve programs or to external specialist organisations to help you with your finances, health, employment, education, or social and community support. If you would like to be referred to our support unit for assessment or to find out more please call 1800 MY EVOLVE (1800 693 865) or message us at contact us

Friendship Aged Network (FAN)

Evolve supports a team of residents who volunteer each week to call some of our more senior residents who live alone. This program provides these residents with a friendly chat in the comfort of their home, as well as the opportunity to go on various day trips throughout the year. Our volunteers recognise the impacts of social isolation on our residents, and this program supports them to stay in their home for as long as possible. For the volunteers it is also a way to be part of a community, and to make a valuable contribution to people’s lives.

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Community gardens

Evolve runs the Community Greening project, uniting local residents to build functional community gardens. This program not only delivers sustainable produce, but also provides an avenue for social engagement across neighbourhood networks.

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