Absence from Property Factsheet

Acceptable reasons for your absence:

  • Caring for sick or elderly family members.
  • Hospitalisation, institutional care, nursing home care or rehabilitation.
  • Escaping domestic violence, harassment or threats of violence.
  • Assisting with immigration matters in your country of origin.
  • Holidays.
  • Reasons affecting your employment, education or training.
  • Going to prison.

Before you leave, make sure:

  • Your Housing Manager knows when you plan to be absent from your home, for example, if you are away for a holiday or need to stay in hospital etc.
  • All rent and non-rent accounts must be up to date before approval is given.
  • You complete the Being Absent from Your Home application form, available from Evolve Housing’s office, website or by email request.
  • No one else is allowed to occupy your home while you are absent without Evolve Housing’s approval.

Evolve Housing acceptable periods:

  • If you are absent from your home for longer than six weeks you need to tell us as soon as possible on the application form.
  • You can be absent from your home for up to three months (known as an acceptable absence).
  • You cannot be absent for longer than 12 months (in total) over a five-year period.

Evolve Housing will accept your absence if:

  • There is an acceptable reason for you to be absent or away.
  • All rent and non-rental accounts are paid up to date at the time of departure.
  • You have made arrangements to pay your tenancy and charges while you are away (rent, water usage or other non-rent payments).
  • Rental will continue to be charged for the entire period at the rate charged prior to the approved absence period.
  • The property will be maintained while you are away (mail collected etc).
  • You have arranged for someone over the age of 18 years to act on your behalf while you are away.

Failing to update Evolve Housing of your absence:

  • If you do not tell us that you are going to be absent, or if you do not come back on the date you have told us
  • We may need to take action through the NSW Civil & Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) to terminate your tenancy.

Evolve Housing expects tenants to personally occupy the premises at all times. Although there may be reasons from time to time for being absent from your home

More information?

For more information about your tenancy go to www.evolvehousing.com.au

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