Centrelink Deduction Authorisation and Electronic Verification of Rent Factsheet

As a customer of Evolve Housing ABN 16 127 713 731 we need to know and confirm some of your details held by the Australian Government Department of Human Services (the department).

Who is eligible to use these services?

Customers who are receiving Rent Assistance or paying rent using Centrepay can authorise us and the department to exchange information.

What services are available?

The following services are available to you and you can find more information about them on the Department of Human Services website.

Why use these services?

  • these are free services
  • you will save time by not having to phone or pick up an income statement or Rent Certificate
  • it is easy and convenient because we will contact the department on your behalf.

If you would like more information www.humanservices.gov.au

Please note: The official text of the Evolve Housing website, and of each of the documents and other information available on the website, is the English version.