How to make Rent and Nonrent Payments Factsheet

Evolve Housing residents are encouraged to keep their rent account in advance at all times by paying directly to Centrelink. By doing this, residents will avoid the risk of owing debt.

Rent payments: maintain it every fortnight to keep it in advance

Residents must pay two weeks rent when they start their tenancy, and then continue paying rent either weekly or fortnightly. Rent payments must be maintained two weeks in advance at all times.

Non-rent payments: must be paid within 21 days of billing

If all non-rent debt payments cannot be paid on time, you must contact your Housing Manager and arrange how to pay your debt by installments.

Payments should be made directly

We encourage residents to pay their rent and other charges directly through Centrepay deduction. This option allows you to nominate rent, water and other payments to be paid from your Centrelink payment directly to Evolve Housing.

To use this option, residents need to complete the Centrepay Deduction Authority form.

Evolve Housing offers the following payment options

  • Centrepay, the MDFP option.
  • Payway card, two cards are available one for rent and one for non-rent (water and other charges).

How to use your Payway card:

  • BPAY, pay over the phone using your Payway card.
  • Direct Debit, use your Payway card to set up your direct debit online as a one-off or re-occurring payment.
  • EFTPOS, pay using your debt or credit card at our head office, or ask your Housing Manager about using our mobile EFTPOS facility.
  • Direct Debit, ask your Housing Manager to assist you to set up a direct debt from your bank account.

Translation service

If you need help with interpreting or translation because English is not
your first language, phone the All Graduates Translating and Interpreting
Service on 1300 652 488. They will phone the housing organisation and
interpret for you for free.

More Information

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