Reimbursement to Resident Council Factsheet

In recognition of the voluntary work that members of the Resident Council (RC) undertake, Evolve Housing commits to reimburse the following approved resident’s expenses:

Travelling Expenses

Evolve Housing will reimburse RC members for their travelling expenses when attending the following activities:

  1. Resident Council meetings
  2. Community Housing Resident Network  meetings from the NSW Federation of Housing
  3. Approved Training by Evolve Housing and/or Housing Conferences
  4. Other RC activities previously approved by the General Manager which are not specified in this document

Other Expenses

  1. Percentage used of Internet connection must be preapproved. Resident s need to justify as accurately as possible their percentage of Internet usage. Evolve Housing is under no obligation to pay 100% of resident ’s Internet bill, unless the resident can clearly prove that he/she has exclusively used the Internet 100% for resident ’s matters.
  2. Percentage used of mobile phone. Residents need to demonstrate in their mobile bill their mobile percentage used as accurately as possible. Evolve Housing is under no obligation to pay 100% of resident ’s mobile bill, unless the resident can clearly prove that he/she has exclusively used his/her mobile to discuss resident’s matters.

Expenses Which Are Not Approved

Since Evolve Housing is not for profit, Evolve Housing does not have the funding to reimburse residents every time they assist the office and/or get involved in helping with resident’s matters. Therefore, Evolve Housing will not reimburse residents for the following expenses:

  1. Attending Annual General Meetings
  2. Going to the office to assist with resident’s matters such as mail out and wrapping Christmas presents.
  3. Other travelling expenses incurred when purchasing or picking up equipment for resident’s matters.
  4. Travelling expenses to attend other network or housing meetings apart from the ones listed above.

Taxi fares, unless the General Manager approves before hand this reimbursement.

Procedure Involved For Reimbursement

  • Each RC member is responsible for filling in an “Expense Reimbursement Claim” form clearly specifying each incurred expense, including the reason of their travelling, the date and area travelling to and from.
  • Travelling expenses using a motor vehicle will be reimbursed at the current Evolve Housing rate per kilometre. If not sure which is the current rate per kilometre, resident s can ask the Office Manager or Community Development Officer.
  • Original receipts (e.g. bus fare and train ticket) must be attached to the “Expense Reimbursement Claim” form in order to be reimbursed.
  • Completed “Expense Reimbursement Claim” forms need to be handed to the Office Manager or Community Development Officer.
  • Residents will be reimbursed by EFT within 5 working days following the lodgement of a reimbursement claim.

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