Evolve provides training programs to residents to provide you with employable skills and increase your ability to find work. Through our partners, we are able to offer these for free or at a heavily discounted fee. Certified training opportunities provided to residents include:

  • Barista Courses;
  • Employment Support (appointments only)

Employment Opportunities for Residents

Evolve is committed to assisting residents to improve their health and well-being, social and economic connection to their communities.

Below are employment positions available through our business partners specifically for Evolve Housing residents.

To apply, please email your resume to community@evolvehousing.com.au or call our Community Engagement team on 1800 693 865. If this isn’t the right job for you, but you’re still on the lookout for a new role, feel free to contact our team as we can help you develop a resume, learn interview techniques or look for a job.

Evolve Housing has a fantastic opportunity for an Evolve Housing resident to work and learn! We will be offering a 26-week program starting in February which combines working in all areas of our business whilst completing a qualification.

You will study a Certificate III in Business at ARC Training Parramatta 2 days per week (10hrs per week) from February until June.

The course combines the following units:

  • Apply knowledge of WHS Legislation
  • Organise personal work priorities and development
  • Contribute to effective workplace relationships
  • Promote innovation in a team environment
  • Contribute to team effectiveness
  • Use Business technology
  • Organise workplace information
  • Design and produce digital text documents
  • Design and produce spread sheets
  • Utilise a knowledge management system
  • Deliver and monitor a service to customers
  • Process customer complaints

You will need to be:

  • Able to travel to Parramatta for work and study 4 days per week. You may be eligible for financial assistance with transport to Parramatta
  • Motivated and ready to succeed

Download the flyer

If this sounds like the right opportunity for you, please email jobs@evolvehousing.com.au explaining why you are interested.

Applications close 5pm Friday 14th February 2020.

Waratah Group Services are looking for an Evolve Housing resident that’s interested to learn about landscaping and the grounds maintenance industry. The resident will complete landscaping tasks as directed and/or instructed by the Team Leader. The purpose of this role is to provide support to team members in order to carry out landscaping work as required by the client.

Waratah Group Services are looking for an Evolve Housing resident that’s interested to learn about gardening and the grounds maintenance industry. The resident will receive guidance from Team Leaders to address issues or work on improvements for clients.

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