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Join our Evolve Residents Council

The Residents Council exists to be the voice of all Evolve Housing residents. 

Download the flyer here.

The group works together with Evolve Housing staff to make sure the needs of the residents are being heard. 

Key aims:

                          Two of our Residents Council members 

  • Help Evolve Housing staff understand what it is like to be a tenant.
  • Let us know what residents think about our services.
  • Tell us what events and programs you would like us to provide for tenants.
  • Give us feedback about what we can do better.

Resident Council Responsibilities

  • Once you join the Council you will be asked to attend a minimum of 8 out of the 12 meetings held each year. The meetings run for approximately 2 hours and might be during the day or evening, depending on what works best for most members.
  • By joining the Residents Council you are agreeing to share our values when you are taking part in meetings, working with staff and other volunteers or representing Evolve Housing. 

What does the Council do?

The council meets once a month in the Evolve Housing office.  Lunch is provided and the group talks about issues that affect all residents like the resident newsletter, upcoming Evolve Housing social activities, deciding what training programs we provide to residents and how we can improve our overall service. 

The Residents Council actively influence:

  • Our resident newsletter
  • Policies and procedures
  • Resident events and activities
  • Tenancy management
  • Support programs and training
  • Improvement in community blocks

Who can be on the Council?

Anyone who is a resident of Evolve Housing. We want a diverse mix of people to represent the interests of all of our residents and are actively looking for:

  • young people 
  • people from non-English speaking backgrounds 
  • single people
  • couples and parents
  • people who identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander 
  • people with disabilities
  • older people 
  • people from the LGBTQI community. 

You don’t need any special skills, your English doesn’t need to be perfect, you don’t need to know how to use a computer or have access to the Internet. 

We are looking for everyday people that live in our properties who have opinions about how we can do things better. 

Why join?

Current members of the Residents Council say being part of group has had a positive impact on their local community. By joining the Residents Council you are able to raise local issues or concerns directly with the management of Evolve Housing. By letting us know directly what is important to your block or local area we are able to improve our services. We know that this is a two way street but unless we know what the issues are we can’t make improvements. 

Other benefits include the social aspect and the positive impact being part of  a group can have on your confidence. The monthly meetings mean you get to meet new friends. 

Members are supported to attend meetings and we pay your travel costs so you are never out of pocket because you are part of the group. A light meal will be provided at every meeting and there is plenty of time to socialize before and after the meetings.   

While there are many benefits of being part of the Residents Council it is important to understand that you will not be treated differently because you are part of Council either positively or negatively. 

How to join?

Simply call the Resident Engagement Officer on 1800 MY EVOLVE (1800 693 865).