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Maintenance and Repairs Factsheet

Evolve Housing is committed to providing a superior repairs and maintenance service to all of our residents so that they can fully enjoy the homes that they rent from us.  Good maintenance also means that we can extend the life of the home.

How do tenants make a request for repairs?

Most of our residents live either in:

  1. A home that Evolve Housing owns, which means Evolve Housing is fully responsible for repairs and maintenance or;
  2. A home that Evolve Housing rents from a private owner, called Leasehold Properties, which the  landlord  do the repairs.

In both  cases and wherever possible, tenants should report repairs directly to the Evolve Housing Maintenance Call Line on 1800 MY EVOLVE (1800 693 865). Evolve Housing will then arrange for the work to be done by our maintenance contractor OR ask the owner to arrange for the work to be done. If you are in a leasehold property, please do not try to contact the owner directly.

How do tenants report repair requests outside of office hours?

Evolve Housing provides a 24 hr contact centre for all emergency repairs. However for all other forms of maintenance we strongly encourage you to log your repair using the My Evolve link on our web site.  You will also notice the number is   located at the bottom of your lease:

  • Contact number: 1800 MY EVOLVE (1800 693 865)
  • Office hours: Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm

How long should I wait for a repair to be done?

  • Emergency repairs that threaten your health and safety or seriously damage your property will be responded to within 4 hours. 
  • Priority  repairs (loss of power or water etc) will be responded to within 24 hours. 
  • Routine repairs will be responded to within 20 days.

As a tenant can I be held responsible for any repairs? 

The cost of repairing any damages, blockages, breakages or defects in and around the home (unless caused by wear and tear) is generally the tenant’s responsibility. Our contractors can carry out repairs at your expense. 

Tenants can be held accountable for:

  •   Reporting repairs through the after hours service that are not deemed Urgent
  • Damage to walls and doors by furniture, wall posters or careless picture hanging;
  •   Damage to floor coverings, window treatments or furnishings by burns, stains;
  •   Cost of clearing blocked drains, should they become blocked through misuse or childrens toys;
  •   Loss of power caused by blown fuses or circuits where overloading occurs or damaged by the tenant using faulty electrical appliances;
  •   Eradication of household pests and vermin such as mice, cockroaches, ants, and fleas, that can be directly attributed to a tenant’s property care or pets;
  •   Upkeep of lawns and garden areas, including reticulation systems and
  •   Replacement of lost or stolen keys.

Can tenants organise work to the property if they are willing to pay for it?

If tenants wish to do maintenance themselves, then they must apply in writing to the Property Services Manager at Evolve Housing. The Property Services Manager will then advise if this work can be done and if there any conditions that need to be met.  These conditions can vary depending on the type of work being requested and who will be completing the work.  Evolve Housing may ask you to remove or rectify any work done without permission.

If modification to the home is to do with your health, safety and wellbeing,, every effort will be made to agree to the request. Examples of this include grab rails, shower seating, a rail to a set of stairs or a ramp for easier access.

If it is a Leasehold Property, Evolve Housing will ask the agent/owner if the work can be done. It should be recognised that if the owner refuses the request neither Evolve Housing nor the tenant has a right to appeal the decision. 

What can tenants do if things take too long to get fixed or the level of service is not satisfactory? 

If the repair is not fixed within the times stated on page 1 you should call the Maintenance Call Line 1800 My Evolve to find out when your repair is likely to be done.  Do not call if the repair timeframe has not been exceeded. If the work still does not get fixed you should follow the Evolve Housing Complaints Policy process.

Contractors are expected to treat Evolve Housing tenants and residents with courtesy, respect and sensitivity. In return, tenants and residents are expected to treat contractors with the same courtesy and respect. Contractors are required to make appointments with our tenants to undertake work. A tenant should therefore not allow entry to their home unless the contractor can prove their identity

Any complaint arising from a dispute in any form, between tenants and contractors, must be referred to Evolve Housing.

Other useful information should you require emergency after hours repairs:



 Energy Australia Connections

 131 535


 131 388

 Repairs and maintenance

 132 604



 Telstra connections (

 132 200

 Optus (

 1800 501 064

 Gas (


 AGL connections

 131 245

 Gas leaks

 131 909



 Sydney Water Emergencies

132 090​

If the problem occurs during office hours you should still report it to the Maintenance Call Line at Evolve Housing 8862 1555

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