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Individual carrying out the aboriginal smoke ceremony at the Henry Dodd House Grand Opening

News & Events

We have awareness in the media and community

Evolve Housing is committed to raising the awareness and support for the growing issue of housing stress and homeleness in Australia's communities. To achieve this, we share the views and challenges of the homeless, housing stressed and of the community housing sector to actively engage the media. Digital and social media, is a high audience reach medium, that enables us to circulate key messages to the community. As a not-for-profit, media coverage is unpaid so we are reliant on media relations and our ability to leverage our story. 


We capture updates from our latest events and also have a calendar showing upcoming events for our Evolve Housing residents. Anyone interested in attending our future events should email us at 

Please note: check events for specific guest type, for example, there may be resident only events. 

Media centre

Are you looking for our latest news, media releases or an archive of our exclusive media coverage? You will find all of this in our media centre. For any enquiries about stories of Evolve Housing, be sure to contact our Marketing and Communications Manager on 02 8862 1500.

Video clips 

Evolve Housing produces in-house videos which depict inspiring stories from our residents and our staff, social conscience videos, housing development videos, ground breaking events, grand openings, and also messages from our CEO.

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