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Planned Maintenance Policy

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1. Purpose
2. Scope
3. Policy statement
3.1 Asset Management Plan
3.2 Asset Register
3.3 Guidelines
3.4 Monitoring
4. Responsibilities
5. Related resources

1. Purpose

This document defines Evolve Housing’s approach to planned maintenance of its properties implemented by the following services:

  • Asset Management Plan (AMP)
  • Planned Maintenance and Upgrading Program

2. Scope

This policy applies to all Evolve Housing properties and tenants.

3. Policy statement

Evolve Housing is committed to providing planned maintenance to ensure that its properties are safe and secure, meet acceptable community standards, protect the value of property assets, and provide a consistent housing service within the available resources.

Planned maintenance and upgrading program is any repair or upgrading work that can be anticipated in advance and can be scheduled for execution when it falls due, such as painting, carpet replacement, bathroom renovation, etc. 

Planned maintenance is also known as cyclical maintenance and is undertaken within specific timeframes.

Maintenance works undertaken on complexes will take into consideration all existing fire preventive measures that are in place and ensure any planned maintenance works will not jeopardise or breech any of these fire measures.

3.1 Asset Management Plan

An Asset Management Plan (AMP) will be completed by Evolve Housing for properties where Evolve Housing has full management responsibility. The AMP will cover a minimum 15 year period and is implemented in line with the following objectives:

  • To ensure Evolve Housing complies with the legal requirements in accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act, Home Building Act, Disability Discrimination Act and other relevant laws.
  • To ensure Evolve Housing complies with the NSW State Government Standards for housing, Evolve Housing standards and the Housing Associations Code of Practice.
  • To maximise the useful life of properties.
  • To provide tenants with homes that are safe, comfortable, in good repair and of acceptable housing NSW property standard.
  • To provide a maintenance program that is planned, monitored and budgeted.
  • To include tenant’s participation in planning and monitoring of maintenance, minimise expenditure on responsive repairs, and maximise expenditures on planned and preventive maintenance.

Each AMP will comprise of the following for each property:

  • A brief description of each  property.
  • A description of the current use of each property.
  • A description of all works currently required at each property including any upgrade works.
  • An annual listing (for five years) of the planned maintenance works at the property.
  • An estimate of the cost of works over the period.


  • An analysis of the budget and planning implications for Evolve Housing over the 5 year period.
  • An analysis of the location of current properties (supply).
  • Recommendations concerning the future alternate use (or disposal) of properties.

In developing the AMP, a Licensed Builder will complete the three-yearly description of works and then Evolve Housing staff will review the AMP annually. This review will involve an inspection of the property.

Evolve Housing will give priority to works that improve the safety and security of the property and, wherever possible, Evolve Housing will give the tenant an opportunity to assist in setting such priorities.

3.2 Asset Register

Evolve Housing will keep updated planned maintenance data for individual properties in the CHARM system, Integrated Management System for planning and monitoring purposes.

Reports of planned maintenance for individual properties can be generated from the computer system during the year, in order to monitor the program implementation.

The Asset Register shall formulate a 40-year planned maintenance schedule for individual capital properties. This information, together with the complete building inspection, shall be considered in deciding as to the cost-effectiveness of the property and its future use.

3.3 Guidelines

Where a property becomes vacant within 12 months of any planned maintenance, Evolve Housing may consider the feasibility of bringing the work forward to minimise the impact on future tenants.

Priority is given to properties that require improvement due to safety and security issues.

The Housing Manager is to inform and involve the tenant concerned during the annual property inspection about the AMP for the property, especially if there is any planned maintenance work scheduled in the next 12 months.

Evolve Housing will ensure that:

  • A Licensed and Certified builder will conduct inspections for major works done on individual property.
  • The initial inspection is to determine the scope of the work and the following inspection is to determine the completion of the work.
  • Specifications for work quality are clearly identified to the contractor.
  • Major works comply with the Tendering Process (Section 3.16 Quotations and competitive tendering in the Responsive Maintenance Policy).
  • All works comply with the Australian standards and the Building Code of Australia.
  • All works use the standard building contract.

For properties where the repairs and maintenance expenditure (including planned maintenance) for the year exceeds fifteen thousand dollars, ($15,000.00, Evolve Housing will review the AMP for this property and refer the matter to the Asset Manager for a property assessment).

3.4 Monitoring

Evolve Housing will monitor the AMP quarterly against pre-determined performance indicators, including:

  • Final cost against budget estimate
  • Timeframes
  • Average annual allowance
  • Planned maintenance spending
  • Average total maintenance cost

All major works under the AMP will be inspected upon completion and necessary data will be captured in Evolve Housing CHARM system.

This policy is subject to change from time to time at the discretion of Evolve Housing.  Where an individual is observed to not be working within the scope of this policy, the breach will be addressed by a team leader.

4. Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of the:

Chief Executive Officer to ensure this policy and associated procedures are applied and committed to by the Executive Leadership Team.

People & Culture Department to provide Team Leaders with timely policy-related support and guidance.

Leadership Team/Team Leaders to ensure familiarity with this policy and related procedures, to commit to following them accordingly and where relevant, promote the policy to their team.

Employees to ensure they comply with this policy, be responsible for their own behaviour and if required, attend relevant training as provided by the company from time to time.

5. Related resources

Further information see the Evolve Housing Appeals Policy and Appeals factsheet.

For any questions

Contact Evolve Housing on 1300 692 245 or 02 8862 1500 or

Document No:  PS002.2.0  |  Approved:  01/12/2013  |  Review Due:  01/12/2014