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Close up of the cover of printed 'Resident Engagement Strategy'

Plans and Strategies

GESS - Our four-year strategy

Our four-year strategy 'GESS' represents the four strategic objectives under our vision as an organisation. This strategic plan provides a structure to set our priorities, focus our energy and resources, strengthen our operations, and establish agreement around the intended outcomes and results of our business.

The Journey Home

One of the four pillars of our strategy is strengthening communities. “The Journey Home” highlights across the continuum of the strengthening of economic independence and social participation with subsequent decrease in government subsidy. 

Our 5 Key Principles for developing sustainable housing

Our infrographic illustrates the 5 key principles we follow when developing and delivering innovative housing services and solutions. 

Resident Engagement Strategy

Our Resident Engagement Strategy provides residents with the opportunity to become involved and influence the services we deliver. From research and feedback we know that our residents value different types and levels of engagement, which are dependent on their personal circumstances, commitments and interests.