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How is your rent calculated?

Evolve Housing tenants are encouraged to keep their rent account in advance at all times by paying directly to Centrelink. By doing this, tenants will avoid the risk of owing debt. 

In 2012/2013 Evolve Housing published 'How we calculate your rent - a guide to Rent Review', which is available online as a digital booklet and also issued in hardcopy to our residents. The aim of releasing the guide is to assist residents with understanding the government prescribed rent setting and review process. 

Evolve Housing ensures residents are paying the correct amount of rent by conducting a Rent Review assessment twice a year, per household. When there are changes to your household income, you must notify Evolve Housing within 14 days and provide all of the required information we need to calculate your rent. Failure to comply with a rent review may result to loss of subsidy. The rent will increase to full market rent.

Rent is calculated according to Community Housing rent policy. Generally, this takes into account 25% of your total assessable income, 15% of Family Tax Benefit Part A & B, 15% of income of household persons aged 18 to 20 years (who are not the tenant, their spouse or live-in partner) and 100% of Commonwealth Rent Assistance.

An example:

Household assessable income per week $300.00

25% of the household assessable income per week 


100% Commonwealth Rent Assistance per week




Total rent charge per week $125.00