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Evolve Housing Non-rent PayWay Card and Rent PayWay Card

Help with rent arrears

What to do if you cannot pay your rent

Tenants must contact Evolve Housing immediately if they are unable to make payments. Please call your Housing Manager or our Rent Arrears Recovery Team on 02 8862 1500 or email

Evolve Housing will work with tenants to ensure they meet their obligations to pay their tenancy charges. However, Evolve Housing will take appropriate legal action when there are major or persistent arrears.

The actions we will take

Evolve Housing will always contact tenants in writing if their accounts fall into arrears. Additionally Evolve Housing may also contact tenants by phone or by visiting them in their homes.

Evolve Housing will respond quickly to ensure the tenant pays their tenancy charges on time and to help prevent the debt from escalating. 

Key issues around income recovery, as identified by our Rent Arrears Recovery Team:

  • Early intervention for both the tenants and Evolve Housing as a business; for the tenants it allows a manageable repayment plan and for Evolve Housingthe debt is repaid quicker.
  • The use of Centrepay as a valuable tool which should be encouraged at the commencement of all tenancies where appropriate.
  • The commencement of tenancy is the time to really explain to the tenant the importance of being in advance with their payments.