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Maintenance FAQ

I have a dripping tap

Dripping taps are minor repairs and are typically seen to within 4 weeks. If you are concerned about losing water you can place a bucket to catch the water.

How quickly will you make repairs

We prioritise repairs based on urgency. Where the property is unsafe repairs to make the property safe will be made within 24 hrs (sewer overflow, major water leak, no power to house). If a major  component has failed, repairs will be made within three days. Minor components will be scheduled within a 4 week period whilst some repairs will be made as apart of planned major works.

I am not sure if something is working the way it should

There are occasions when you may be unsure if something needs repair. If in douobt call our contact centre and our friendly staff will help you.

I have pests in my property

Pests in a property is the responsibility of the residents. You may find flies or spiders in the summer or cockroaches or rodents in the winter make their way into the property. You can find supplies at your grocery store to treat for these.

My smoke alarm is beeping

Evolve complete annual inspections on smoke alarms to ensure they are in good working order. If they begin to beep periodically you should contact the contact centre and they will have a tradesperson inspect and carry out repairs if needed

My swipe card/key has stopped working to common area’s

Call the contact centre, a new swipe/key can be made available for you to pick up.

I have lost/need an extra swipe/key to the common area

Evolve supply the necessary swipe/keys at sign up. Additional swipes/keys may be provided at a cost. Contact the contact centre for more information.

I want to install an air conditioner

The contact centre can help you complete the request form. Once you receive approval in writing you can arrange your tradesperson to complete the installation

I received a letter about a PAS (property Assessment Survey) Inspection.

The department of Family And Community Services Housing conduct inspections on properties managed by Evolve. These inspections are to inspect the condition of the building and are not related to your tenancy. Inspections take up to 30 minutes and will help to plan future.