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Reporting a repair

Report it online

You can report a repair for your home by filling out our online 'Report A Repair To Evolve Housing Form'

Call our Maintenance Call Centre

Phone: 1800myevolve (1800693865)

Open Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm

Emergency repairs and after hours

For emergency repairs outside office hours, please call 1800 myevolve (1800693865)  for some assistance.

NB: The emergency repair phone number is also found on the bottom of their lease agreement, which is provided to all tenants upon signing their tenancy.

Repair response timeframes

Evolve Housing will always endeavour to have maintenance matters attended to within the following timeframes:

Emergency repairs Issues that are a threat to the tenants’ health or safety or there is a risk of serious property damage (eg. fire or flooding) 4 Hours 
Urgent repairs Eg. Loss of cooking facilities, power Same day
Routine repairs Repairs required for the regular upkeep of the property (eg. painting, re-roofing, other minor repairs) 21 days

What if the repair is taking too long to get fixed?

Tenants should speak with their Housing Manager. Evolve Housing also has a formal complaints and appeals process, where residents can have their issues further investigated and resolved. You can also view our Maintenance and Repairs Factsheet for more details.

Other useful information should you require emergency after hours repairs



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 Repairs and maintenance

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 Telstra connections


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 AGL connections

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 Sydney Water Emergencies

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