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Responsive and planned maintenance

What is responsive maintenance?

Evolve Housing is committed to fulfilling our responsibilities under the Residential Tenancies Act 2010 (no 42) and the Community Housing Regulations 2009 to maintain residential properties.

In accordance with these, Evolve Housing will:

  • Provide all residential premises in a reasonable state of cleanliness so as to be fit for occupancy by the tenant.
  • Provide and maintain the residential premises in a reasonable state of repair, having regard to the age of the property and its prospective life cycle.

What is planned maintenance?

Evolve Housing is committed to providing planned maintenance to ensure that its properties are safe and secure, meet acceptable community standards, protect the value of property assets, and provide a consistent housing service within the available resources.

Planned maintenance and upgrading program is any repair or upgrading work that can be anticipated in advance and can be scheduled for execution when it falls due, such as painting, carpet replacement, bathroom renovation, etc.

Planned maintenance is also known as cyclical maintenance and is undertaken within specific timeframes.

Maintenance works undertaken on complexes will take into consideration all existing fire preventive measures that are in place and ensure any planned maintenance works will not jeopardise or breach any of these fire measures.