Energy efficiency

Evolve Housing strives to use energy in the most efficient, cost effective and environmentally responsible manner possible. As part of our Energy Management Strategy, we assess the use of technologies, process and practices to improve our energy performance. This includes (but is not limited to):

  • energy efficiency
  • energy conservation
  • energy procurement
  • energy type selection e.g. solar
  • energy demand management
  • efficient building design

Our energy management strategy is embedded into the organisation, not ‘tacked on’ to existing systems or dealt with by one area. We believe that the best outcomes are achieved through a cross-functional process that spans finance, operations and business improvement.

What do we hope to achieve?

Some of our initial targets for the Energy Management Strategy include:

  • 15% reduction in Evolve’s energy costs which can then be put back into our social and support programs
  • assist tenants to reduce their energy costs
  • deliver energy savings to tenants at 200 premises
  • increase energy sourced from renewable sources
  • increase staff awareness of energy-related matters, measured by a staff questionnaire
  • increase the number of key personnel undergoing energy training

What have we done already?

As part of our Energy Action Plan, we have begun trials by retrofitting existing properties that have been identified as suitable for solar installation. Tenants at these identified properties are expected to save up to $500 per year on energy costs. As at the end of 2019, over 200 homes have benefitted through solar power, energy efficient heat pumps and other energy efficiency measures.

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